Our curriculum will teach the preschoolers with knowledge that exceeds California’s Academic State Standards. Children will be allowed to develop creativity, imagination and fine motor skills. We provide easel painting, crayons, water color, marking pens, etc. Students are encouraged to work independently, as well as cooperatively with their peers. We balance our curriculum with art, music, math, reading, science, physical education, and foreign language programs—As well as participate in circle and story time throughout the day.


We will have small groups to help in number recognition and discussion of basic mathematic concepts. The children are taught the concepts of measuring, sorting and counting objects. They should be able to recognize the sequence of numerical symbols. Teachers introduce math concepts through simple geometric shapes and counting. At the end of the preschool period children will be able to count in sequence to 30, sort by size, shape, and color and show interest in the clock and the time. Children will begin to think of uses for numbers. We will teach number recognition, handwriting, science, social studies, creative expression, and fine and gross motor activities. They will sing songs that help them recognize the letters of the alphabet. Talking together with Showing and telling at group circle time will help children develop confidence in them and cooperative with peers; children learn to express themselves orally and expand their vocabulary they use on a daily basis. At the end of the preschooler’s year, most of them will able to recognize upper and lower case letters, sounds associating with letters and have the ability to write their own names well.


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